Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lepar Island and Pongok Island

It lies directly opposite the island of  Sadai, Island and Island Pongok Lepar looks very clean, so it makes a lot of people want to keep swimming at the beach around it. Small strait that separates the island Lepar and Pongok with Sadai also rich in fish. Besides fishing, visitors can simply enjoy the result of his provocation. Enjoy grilled fish, looking at the blue sea and wind noise can make people feel at home for a long time on the island.
For those who want to enjoy it enough to swim the ocean blue beach sidelines, while visitors who like to enjoy the beauty of the sea can rent a sailboat. Besides swimming, visitors can unwind while enjoying a fresh young coconut water. It was not complete when all day swimming and enjoying the freshness of the young coconut water. Crowded visitors to the Coast Sadai also seems to be caused by the Island and Island Pongok Lepar. Beach beauty Sadai no different from other beaches throughout the charming island of Bangka Indonesia.

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