Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simeulue Surfing Aceh

Simeulue District has several locations ideal for surfing  that is in demand by key from outside nergeri surfers such as: Australia, Germany, and France, because it has a fairly high waves reaching 5 meters. Locations include the: Matanurung Busung, Alus-alus, Nancala, Teupah Island, Stone Island yachting, Mincau Island, La `ayon and Ducts. The surfer generally come with using aerial Simeuleu average 3-5 people in one group and stay for an average of 5-6 days.
Distance surf / surf for locations Matanurung Busung approximately 12 miles from downtown or 4 miles from the airport Lasikin, while for the location Nancala, Salur prominence within 25 km from downtown Sinabang and 14 miles from Lasikin Airport can be reached using a vehicle wheel two and four wheels with good condition and paved roads.

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